Sustainability in the textile industry

24 August 2023

Pilario: Fusing Sustainability & Compliance in Textile Industry

As the second largest pollutant industry, after oil, the textile industry’s sustainability practices need an urgent makeover. Every phase, from fiber production to fabric disposal, leaves a significant environmental footprint that has long been ignored. Now, with consumers unwilling to turn a blind eye and upcoming regulations mandating transparency, businesses must rise to the occasion. Pilario is here to guide this journey.

Pilario is an innovative web-based software solution designed to help businesses, like those in the textile industry, actively monitor, manage, and enhance their sustainability impact. It’s not just about addressing the problem, but understanding it at its core.

Our BPX Textile Tool calculates the environmental impact score of your textiles, ensuring compliance with future eco-labeling requirements. At the same time, you can calculate your eco-contribution declaration. In the future, every item sold on the French Market will be required to pay an eco-contribution.

With Pilario, you gain a holistic view of your textile product’s environmental footprint, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing, transportation, usage, and end-of-life disposal. This detailed understanding empowers your business to recognize its specific areas of impact and align with regulations such as the French Apparel Standard (BP X30-323-0).

The textile industry is a diverse, sprawling sector, with businesses catering to a multitude of different segments, each with unique sustainability challenges. Pilario helps your business identify where it maps on the sustainability performance scale within your specific segment. The scope of sustainability considered is comprehensive, examining economic, environmental, and social aspects.

By 2024, every item of clothing sold in France will require a label detailing its precise environmental impact. The rest of the EU expects to follow a similar rule by 2026 (PEFCR Apparel and Footwear). Pilario ensures that you can fulfill these compliance obligations seamlessly by providing outputs in the correct reporting format for national ecoscore declarations.

Pilario’s value goes beyond merely understanding your current impact. It provides actionable advice and best practices to improve your sustainability scores. Through a blend of sophisticated software analytics and deep industry knowledge, Pilario offers clear and practical suggestions for improvement that align with your specific business model and segment.

Whether you’re a fashion retailer seeking to reduce your carbon footprint through a switch to renewable energy sources or a textile manufacturer wanting to cut water waste during the dyeing process, Pilario provides tailored advice and industry best practices that help your business make tangible strides towards a more sustainable future.

Imagine the time and effort saved by having software that automatically generates these reports for you. Accurate reporting with Pilario also boosts your business’s credibility, providing you with a competitive edge in a market where sustainability is increasingly important to consumers.

In essence, Pilario is more than a software; it’s your partner in weaving a more sustainable future for the textile industry. By using Pilario, you’re not just responding to the sustainability wave; you’re riding at its crest, leading the charge towards an industry that respects and values our planet.