Simplify Environmental Footprint Assessment for Detergents

Calculate and improve the environmental footprint of your detergents effortlessly with Pilario’s user-friendly software, powered by predefined LCA models. Ensure accurate results without the need for expertise.

PEFCR Detergent model

Embrace the Industry Standard

With our user-friendly software, co-created with A.I.S.E. and powered by a predefined LCA model, you can confidently align your detergent’s environmental impact assessment with the industry-standard PEFCR detergents. Our LCA software effortlessly calculates the environmental footprint of detergents, eliminating the need for LCA expertise. Count on us for accurate and reliable insights into the environmental impact of your detergents.

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Exclusive Benefits For The Detergents Industry With Pilario

  • Deep Environmental Assessment

    Thanks to pre-integrated LCA models, any user can quickly and easily perform an LCA using readily available design, production, logistics, supplier, usage and end-of-life data, all compliant to the detergents PEFCR.

  • Immediate Actionable Insights

    The interface is designed to be used intuitively and makes the software really fun and easy-to-use. By entering a limited number of key parameters you can see instant results and perform instant simulations for comparison or ecodesign purposes.


    We collaborated closely with AISE and its members, defining the reference product, conducting studies, and drafting the sector-specific PEFCR document. Our tool generates LCA-based results that comply with PEFCR for detergents.

Succeed with our Features

  • Plug & Play

    Sign up for Pilario, select the PEFCR detergents model from our extensive LCA library, enter your product data, and calculate the environmental footprint, in no time.

  • Sustainability

    Effortlessly communicate your sustainability milestones by automating LCA reports. Showcase your detergents’ environmental impact, online and in physical formats.

  • Instant

    Perform instant simulations for ecodesign purposes. Save different scenarios and compare them, and select the best sustainable options with ease.