Start enhancing your products’ environmental impact

Make informed choices with real-time feedback on the environmental impact of your products.

Pilario Eco Design

Boost Your Product’s Sustainability

Boost product innovation with our LCA software, diving deep into environmental impacts and ehance sustainability from design onwards. Enjoy easy-to-use features and a unique sandbox area for risk-free experimentation in eco-design.

Turn to Pilario for creating and producing your eco-friendliest designs. Save, compare, and fine-tune different scenarios to elevate your sustainability efforts.

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Features for simplified ecodesign

  • Identify

    Use our LCA tools to analyze and address high-impact areas in your product’s lifecycle. Pilario helps in pinpointing and mitigating environmental hotspots.

  • Play with Design Choices

    Our eco-design feature offers real-time feedback on various sustainable materials, components, and processes, empowering you to create eco-friendly and innovative designs.

  • Surpass Environmental Standards

    Leverage insights from our tools to not just meet but exceed standard environmental benchmarks, contributing positively to ecological sustainability.

Drive sustainable innovation with ease

  • Rapid Product

    Create and duplicate products instantly, enabling easy comparison of multiple versions. Focus on impactful changes with the ability to compare up to 10 scenarios simultaneously using automated comparison charts.

  • Sandbox for
    Ecodesign Scenarios

    Experiment in a risk-free environment, where eco-design scenarios are distinct from product scenarios. This sandbox allows limitless exploration of options before finalizing for market release.

  • Integration into
    Company Portfolio

    Once finalized, easily transition your eco-designed product into your company’s complete portfolio, enhancing your brand’s commitment to sustainability.