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  • Essential

    Easy to use, non-LCA specialist solution allowing straightforward LCA analyses per product

    Up to 3 LCA models, 100 scenarios/products

    • Manual Product Import

    • Life Cycle Assessment per product

    • Basic data sharing with data quality view

    • Ecodesign

    • 1 user role

    • Basic reporting and communication tools (Pilario branded)

    € 499.00,-/Month

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  • Most Popular


    For sustainability experts working on the total product portfolio to manage its sustainability impact, generate reports for national tariffication bodies and produce end user reporting

    Up to 5 LCA models, 5000 products/scenarios

    • Mass importing of product data

    • Life Cycle Assessment on product portfolio

    • Access to LCA databases and LCA model library

    • Automatic data syncronization

    • Ecodesign and versioning

    • Up to 3 different user roles

    • “Brand-Specific Design” in online and offline communication


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  • Enterprise

    For LCA experts generating fully blown LCA modeling and internalize and automate all processes within their organization.

    Custom number of LCA models and scenarios/products

    • Mass importing of product data

    • Life Cycle Assessment on Product Portfolio

    • Access to expert LCA software for tailored model creation

    • Access to LCA databases and LCA model library

    • Automatic Data Syncronization

    • Ecodesign and versioning

    • Fully customizable user roles

    • Customized dashboards and automated reporting, all with consistent brand customization.


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Number of predefined LCA Models

Pick compliant LCA models from our extensive library.




Amount of scenarios/products

The amount of products and scenarios that are available inside our platform.




Data Management

Sharing data with other users

Share your product data with other Pilario users.

Data Quality View

Control supplier data refreshes and actively manage your data quality from a unified dashboard.

Access to LCA databases

Get access to different LCA databases like Ecoinvent & IMPACTS, database.

Access to a library of existing LCA models

Assess, monitor, and reduce your product’s environmental footprint with a suite of predefined, compliant LCA models, tailored to a range of industries.

Mass Importing of product data

Import your whole product portfolio in just one click, bulk data handling has never been easier.

Automatic Data Syncronization

Enjoy automatic data synchronization for constant, up-to-date product data.

User Experience and Accessibility

Ecodesign (save scenarios)

Quickly create and duplicate products for comparison. Identify impactful changes instantly with automated charts comparing up to 10 scenarios simultaneously. Accelerate sustainability in your designs, effortlessly.

Number of user roles

Assign permissions to your team members to ensure efficient collaboration and system use.




Compare the environmental impact of different versions of your products.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Life Cycle Assessment

Conduct a life cycle assessment on your product.

LIfe Cycle Assessment on product portfolio

Conduct a life cycle assessment on your whole product portfolio in just one click.

Access to RangeLCA

With RangeLCA – our Expert LCA Software – begin by crafting your own LCA model from scratch. Once created, integrate it into Pilario to conduct comprehensive LCAs.


Reporting and Communication


Facilitate data management with our Excel Export and Import feature, allowing for straightforward product data import via CSV and export of LCA/EPD reports in Excel format

End User Communication (online)

Empower sustainability communication online with our End User Communication feature, enabling iFrame, and API integrations for direct customer engagement.



End User Communication (offline)

Enhance offline sustainability communication with our End User Communication feature, offering QR-code generation linked to a specific landing page for direct customer engagement.



Automated LCA/EPD reports

Simplify LCA and EPD report generation with our automatic report creation feature, streamlining documentation of your products.

Custom templates

Custom templates

Export Graphs/Reports as PNGs

Enable sharing with your team by exporting dashboard graphs as PNGs through our Export Graphs/Reports feature.

Excel Export and Import

Facilitate data management with our Excel Export and Import feature, allowing for straightforward product data import via CSV and export of LCA/EPD reports in Excel format

Automated eco declarations

With our eco-contributions solution automatically fill out eco-organization templates and streamline your declarations, ready for sharing with eco-organizations. And start optimizing your tarrifs.

Create your own LCA model from scratch

Expert LCA Software pricing

Discover RangeLCA, crafted especially for the precision an LCA experts demands. Here, building detailed LCA models from scratch aligns seamlessly with intuitive data integration. Once your LCA model is perfected, effortlessly transition into Pilario, where you can import and activate your creation, bringing a new dimension to your LCA analysis.

Experience RangeLCA for €399.99 monthly, per individual user.

Discover more about RangeLCA

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Discover our services

  • Service Catalog

    Service Catalog

    We provide comprehensive sustainability services, such as life cycle assessments and eco-contribution support. Our customized services focus on achieving sustainability goals and improving brand reputation.

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  • Service Level Agreement

    Service Level Agreements

    Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) benefits both customers and service providers by ensuring quality of service and reducing disputes.

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    Managed Services

    Our Managed Service Catalog offers a comprehensive solution for outsourcing IT services.

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  • Who should use Pilario ?

    For expert or non-expert companies that wish to evaluate the environmental impact of their products and services.

  • How do Pilario’s licenses interact with access to the different LCA models ?

    Every new user of Pilario has access to one predefined LCA Model, typically relevant to their industry sector. If additional LCA models are needed, users can acquire them at a fixed price. For instance, a brewer with an essential or professional license is initially equipped with the PEFCR Beer model. To expand their analysis, they have the option to add the LCA packaging model. This addition, available at a predetermined cost, enables a thorough LCA analysis of beer packaging, enhancing their overall assessment capabilities.

  • Which life cycle stages are included in our software ?

    From the extraction of raw materials to the end of your product’s life, including the consumption of your factories, the kilometers covered by your products, or the packaging. Together we define the framework for your Life Cycle Assessment.

  • What types of products are covered ?

    Pilario covers a wide range of products, based on our predefined LCA models: beer, bottled water, packaging, detergents, clothing, lighting, personal care, concrete products, electronic devices, … And we have a dedicated software development methodology that allows us to model many other products, called RangeLCA.

  • What outputs does Pilario generate ?

    Pilario is designed to calculate and present a variety of environmental indicators based on your selection. It produces pre-filled LCA/EPD reports, offers graphical results that are easy to share and understand, through Iframes, embedded content, and QR codes linked to landing pages. Additionally Pilario enables users to compare different scenarios, as well as perform comparative analysis between factories or suppliers.

  • What to do with the results ?

    With the results, you can analyze your production/logistics/sales chain, do eco-design, communicate internally and to your customers. We are at your disposal to help you analyze the results.

  • What can be customized ?

    We offer specific services in order to customize with your calculation model, the default values, the format of the results, the addition of other functionalities.

  • Is Pilario compliant with certain standards and benchmarks ?

    Yes, especially to ISO 14040 and 14044 standards. What does this mean for you? The verification of your results focuses only on the data you enter, since the rest has already been certified to the standards. So it’s easier and faster! Do you want to comply with another standard? No problem: since the template was created by our LCA experts, they can adapt the model to your industry standard.

  • Can I communicate my results ?

    Pilario is compliant with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards, ensuring that the results are valid when input parameters are accurately filled. For clients intending to share these results in a business-to-business (B2B) context, we advise having the data peer-reviewed for accuracy. Our various partners can conduct this review. Additionally, for official comparisons with competitor products, the ISO 14044 standard mandates a critical review by an external expert panel. Pilario can facilitate this critical review through our network of experts, ensuring you don’t have to worry about anything.