Start Sharing Your Environmental Story Effectively

Elevate your brand’s environmental story with Pilario’s intuitive end user communication feature. Highlight your sustainability efforts with QR codes and iFrame options.

Engage more effectively with eco-conscious consumers and stakeholders starting now.

End User Communication Pilario

Transforming Environmental Transparency

Bridge the gap between your sustainability efforts and customers’ awareness, with Pilario’s end user communication solution. Simplifying environmental data access through iFrame and QR code integration, along with a customizable API for website and app embedding, our platform keeps your customers informed with the latest in product sustainability.

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What are the benefits?

  • Elevate
    Sustainability Engagement

    Instantly highlight your sustainability strides to customers and stakeholders, dynamically showcasing your eco-commitment.

  • Diverse

    Enhance your eco-efforts’ visibility with QR and iFrame integration for engaging and accessible end user communication.

  • Consistent and Flexible Brand Messaging

    Keep your brand’s eco-message consistent using our flexible API, ensuring a cohesive end user communication.

Innovative features for effective communication

  • Automated web page

    Create dedicated web pages for each product, showcasing their environmental performance. Accessible through QR codes or Iframe integration on your website.

  • API System for customized messaging

    Integrate environmental information into your digital platforms with our API system, ensuring brand consistency and alignment with your digital strategy.

  • Embedded charts for data visualization

    Convert complex environmental data into engaging visual narratives. Our embedded charts turn sustainability data into engaging, informative visuals for your website.