Instantly Assess Your Textile’s Environmental Impact

By utilizing a predefined LCA Model, Pilario’s BPX Textile solution offers precise, effortless environmental scoring. Compliant with AGEC Law, it simplifies sustainability analysis without LCA expertise, supporting your journey toward textile sustainability and compliance.

BPX Textile Tool

Aligning Compliance and Environmental Communication

Our BPX Textile Model compliant with the ADEME French Apparel Standard and the AGEC law, not only enhances product sustainability but also guarantees future compliance. Calculate and display your environmental score with ease, leading the way in advanced sustainability and clear consumer communication.

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Benefits of Pilario’s BPX Textile Model

  • Extensive Textile Assessment

    Our LCA software provides immediate, intuitive assessments of the environmental impact for all of your textile products. Analyze specific stages or the complete lifecycle for comprehensive LCA insights via our platform.

  • Quick Actionable

    Detect and manage critical environmental issues in your textile manufacturing processes with our certified, compliant LCA model, providing actionable data for better sustainability and operational efficiency.

  • PEF textile

    Made Easy

    Based on the renowned ADEME BPX Textile standard and compliant with the Agec Law, we are ensuring that our assessments meet the highest industry standards. And are proud to be certified by AFNOR.

Key Features of our BPX Textile Model

  • Pick & Play
    LCA Model

    Register for Pilario, select our BPX Textile Model, enter your specific product data, and begin your LCA analysis right away. No previous LCA experience needed

  • Ecodesign With Scenarios

    Use our LCA software to design your most eco-friendly textile product. Save and compare different scenarios, benchmark and optimize for improved sustainability.

  • End User Communication

    Create QR codes and attractable landing pages to showcase the environmental scoring of your textiles, compliant with the AGEC Law.