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The industries we already work for

Pilario offers an ultimate all-in-one solution to assess your product portfolio’s environmental impact accurately


Textile Industry Embracing Sustainability

Pilario presents the ultimate all-in-one solution for accurately evaluating the environmental impact of your textile products. Aligned with the French Apparel Standard of ADEME, which advocates for eco-friendly design to minimize long-term environmental consequences, the French government aims to enforce labelling for all clothing products by 2024.


Empowering Sustainable Packaging Design

Some of the biggest packaging companies use Pilario today. When it comes to developing a successful sustainable packaging, there are several crucial aspects that demand careful consideration. Our LCA software helps you map the complete environmental impact of your packaging throughout its whole lifecycle.

Sustainability in the brewing industry


Brewery Sector’s Sustainable Solutions

The biggest and best brewing companies in the world are using Pilario. In the pursuit of sustainable brewing, our user-friendly web interface empowers you with comprehensive LCA calculations, even for non-experts. It allows you to apply the Beer PEFCR without any further external support, by using all of the datasets and effect indicators. The Beer PEFCR was created in collaboration with the Brewers Of Europe.


Detergents Sector’s Sustainable Solutions

Detergent products, with their disruptive impact on the delicate balance of fauna and flora, pose both direct and indirect threats to ecosystems. Our solution allows you to evaluate the full environmental impact of your detergent products, from raw ingredients to packaging, enabling you to make informed sustainable decisions. All compliant with the PEFCR.

sustainable beverages


Pioneering Sustainability in the Beverage Industry

Transform the way you approach sustainable beverages with Pilario, equipping you with powerful LCA calculations that are accessible and user-friendly. Explore the possibilities with our calculator as you learn how reducing impact in one life cycle stage can have a huge effect on the rest, enabling you to make informed sustainable decisions.

Sustainability in the electronic devices industry

Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices Sector’s Sustainable Solutions

Harness the power of green tech with Pilario, our essential LCA software for the electronics industry. From production to disposal, it’s your key to tracking energy usage, emissions, and waste generation, ensuring a more eco-friendly tomorrow.