From Cradle-to-Grave : Calculating Your Beer’s Environmental Impact in no time!

Discover Pilario’s unique PEFCR Beer model, developed in collaboration with The Brewers of Europe, for quick measurement and enhancement of your beer’s environmental impact, no prior LCA knowledge required.

Obtain the insights required to minimize environmental impacts ensuring your beers are as sustainable as they are satisfying

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Full Sustainability Assessment

Pilario offers the PEFCR Beer model, founded on the EU’s Beer Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules, simplifies the process of calculating your environmental impact claims, compliant with European standards.

Collect data, calculate footprints, and export results using our predefined LCA model within Pilario’s SaaS platform.

Elevate sustainability across your brewing process, from ingredients to packaging, with ease.

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Advantages of Pilario’s PEFCR Beer Model

  • Pinpoint Environmental Hotspots

    Use our LCA software to pinpoint and address the most significant environmental impacts of your brewing process. Tailor your practices to minimize environmental impact while adhering to global standards.

  • Instant Actionable

    Turn environmental data into a strategic asset. Use immediate insights to improve your brewing methods and operations, minimizing environmental impact while boosting the sustainability of your products.

  • Compliance
    Made Easy

    Crafted by brewers, exclusively for brewers, our PEFCR Beer model guarantees unparalleled precision while strictly adhering to PEFCR standards, without the required LCA knowledge.

Exclusive Features for Breweries with Pilario

  • Plug & Play

    Select the PEFCR Beer model from our extensive LCA library, enter your product data, and calculate your beer’s environmental footprint instantly, no prior LCA knowledge required.

  • Ecodesign With Scenarios

    Use our LCA software to produce the most environmentally friendly beer. Save and compare different scenarios, benchmark and optimize your current beer for enhanced sustainability.

  • Sustainability Reporting

    Effortlessly communicate your sustainability milestones with automated LCA reports. Showcase your beer’s environmental impact, online and in physical formats.