Reduce Your Environmental Footprint Across Every Packaging Type

Pilario’s LCA Packaging model is your key to tackling environmental packaging challenges. Explore tailored solutions for plastic, glass, cardboard, and metal packaging, designed to reduce your environmental footprint, right away.

Elevate your sustainability efforts today!

LCA Packaging model

Analyze, reduce and enhance the impact of your packaging

Discover the LCA Packaging model within Pilario SaaS solution, developed in partnership with MPE and FEVE. Empower your packaging decisions by assessing, tracking, and minimizing environmental impacts at every lifecycle stage.

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Advantages For Packaging Industry with Pilario

  • Comprehensive Packaging Assessment

    Our LCA platform offers instant, user-friendly calculation of the environmental footprint for various packaging types, including glass bottles, steel cans, and more. Evaluate individual steps or the entire process for detailed LCA analyses directly through software.

  • Instant Sustainable

    Leverage real-time environmental data to gain a competitive edge. Quickly apply those insights to improve your packaging designs and analyze the results. Boost environmental friendliness and consumer attractiveness.

  • Compliance
    Made Easy

    Future-proof your packaging against evolving global environmental regulations with verified LCA models. Pilario ensures your products not only meet current standards but set the pace for sustainability leadership in the industry.

Key Features

  • Ready to Go
    LCA Model

    Sign up with Pilario, select our LCA Model for Packaging, enter your specific data, and begin your LCA analysis right away. No previous LCA experience needed.

  • Ecodesign With Scenarios

    Use our LCA software to craft the most environmentally friendly packaging option. Save and compare different scenarios, benchmark and optimize your current packaging for enhanced sustainability.

  • Easy Sustainability Reporting

    Effortlessly share your sustainability achievements through our automated LCA reports. Highlight the environmental impact of your packaging both digitally and physically.