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Recognizing the importance of sustainability across different industries, Pilario offers a unique solution with our advanced Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) SaaS platform.

Our team, rich in LCA and SaaS expertise, is committed to guiding businesses through their unique sustainability journeys.

About Us

Our Team

  • Michel De Wachter
    Michel De Wachter

    Michel De Wachter


  • Maxime

    Maxime Dupriez

    Head of Advisory

  • Dimitri

    Dimitri Poppe


  • Alycia

    Alycia Purcell

    Head of Customer Success

  • Sven

    Sven Moreels


  • Kerry

    Kerry Racz

    Lead Fullstack Developer

  • Mahmoud

    Mahmoud Al Azzawi

    Fullstack Developer

  • Wouter

    Wouter Storme

    Digital Marketer

  • Jaime

    Jaime Bosque Torrecilla

    Technical Support

  • Kathleen

    Kathleen Merckx

    Human Resources

Transform Your Environmental Impact with Pilario

  • LCA Analysis for Informed Sustainability

    Unlock smarter sustainability with Pilaro’s LCA Analysis—get a clear view of your product impacts and reach your eco-goals with confidence.

  • Comprehensive Portfolio

    Evaluate your entire product portfolio with Pilaro’s LCA software — make strategic decisions that boost your overall sustainability performance.

  • One-Stop Shop for Sustainability Activities

    Your all-in-one sustainability partner—transform strategy into action for a greener, more profitable business.

The Relevance of Pilario in Today’s Business Landscape

  • Exceeding Stakeholder Expectations

    Pilaro helps you not only meet but exceed the eco-demands of today’s consumers with visible, impactful actions

  • Make Sustainable Choices

    With Pilaro, use comprehensive data to spot improvement opportunities, lessen environmental impact, and create a win-win for the planet and your business longevity.

  • Enhancing Corporate Reputation

    Pilario isn’t just a tool, it’s central hub for your sustainability mission—improving your carbon footprint and supply chain for a stronger, greener reputation

Pilario’s Contribution to EU’s Sustainable Activities

  • Climate Change

    Pilario aids in identifying and optimizing processes that contribute to carbon emissions throughout the product life cycle, enabling companies to make informed decisions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and align with the EU’s climate goals.

  • Climate Change

    Pilario offers insights into supply chain vulnerabilities, enabling companies to strategize against climate-related risks and adopt measures for enhanced resilience to climate change impacts.

  • Transition to Circular Economy

    Pilario promotes a circular economy by assessing entire product life cycles, enhancing resource efficiency, and identifying opportunities for redesign, reuse, and recycling, aligned with EU circular economy principles.

  • Pollution Prevention or Control

    Pilario aids companies in pinpointing pollution hotspots in their processes and implementing control measures, thereby facilitating compliance with environmental regulations and enhancing overall sustainability.

  • Sustainable Use and Protection of Water and Marine Resources

    Pilario assesses product and process water footprints, guiding companies in identifying high-consumption areas to adopt water-saving practices, thus contributing to sustainable water resource use and protection.

  • Protection and Restoration of Biodiversity and Ecosystems

    Pilario assesses the impact of products and processes on biodiversity and ecosystems, enabling companies to make informed decisions to protect and restore biodiversity, ensuring a holistic approach to sustainability.

About Us - Pilario x RDC environment

Pilario’s Knowledge Advantage

RDC Environment is a highly valuable partner of Pilario. They are a leading LCA Consultancy company with over 25 years of unmatched expertise across all facets of sustainability, and a member of the European Environmental Footprint Technical Advisory Board (E03710).

Through our partnership, RDC Environment offers some of our clients tailored LCA services, customized modeling, and -analyses based on their needs. This unique synergy enables us to offer you an ultimate SaaS solution infused with decades of wisdom.

Alliances for Progress

  • pack4food

    Together with Pack4Food, we’re blending cutting-edge environmental tech and deep industry know-how to revolutionize eco-friendly packaging.

  • ellieconnect logo

    By joining forces with Ellie.Connect, we’re pushing fashion into the future using groundbreaking sustainability tech, transforming the industry for the better.

  • European Commission Pact for skills & Pilario

    As a proud participant in the European Commission’s Pact for Skills, we are dedicated to enhancing skill development and sustainability across industries.

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