Sustainability in Packaging Industry.

24 August 2023

Unwrapping Potential: Pilario’s Role in Sustainable Packaging

Packaging plays a critical role in product marketing, offering protection, convenience, and enhancing user experience. However, the environmental cost of packaging is steep, accounting for nearly half of the world’s plastic waste. As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainable packaging, businesses need to rise to meet these expectations. Pilario is here to help your business achieve this.

Pilario offers an advanced software solution designed to give packaging companies an in-depth understanding of their sustainability impact. With Pilario, you can assess the lifecycle of your packaging products, including glass, metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, and multilayer packaging, from raw material extraction to production, use, and disposal. It provides a clear overview of your product’s environmental performance, aiding your business in identifying areas of impact and potential improvement.

The packaging industry is a broad field, encompassing sectors from food and beverage packaging to e-commerce packaging, each with unique sustainability challenges. Pilario helps your business understand where it falls within this landscape in terms of sustainability performance. This mapping considers a comprehensive scope of sustainability, including economic, environmental, and governance dimensions.

Beyond understanding your current performance, Pilario is an active partner in your journey towards improved sustainability. It provides actionable advice and industry best practices for enhancing your sustainability scores. Whether it’s recommendations for switching to more recyclable materials, improving production efficiency, or reducing waste, Pilario offers concrete steps your business can take.

Equally important in the sustainability journey is accurate and reliable reporting. As governments worldwide tighten environmental regulations, meeting compliance requirements has never been more critical. Pilario comes equipped with an intelligent reporting system that provides outputs in the correct format for national ecoscore declarations.

Pilario handles the complexities of sustainability reporting for you, freeing your team to focus on what they do best: creating excellent packaging solutions. Note that eco declarations are not mentioned with packaging, as they are only relevant for companies that sell finished products.

In conclusion, Pilario is the partner your packaging business needs to unlock its full sustainability potential. By choosing Pilario, you’re not just responding to the sustainability trend; you’re stepping up to lead the packaging industry towards a greener future.