Partnership Program with Federations

Empower Members to Reduce Their Environmental Footprint


Become a vital part of Pilario’s mission to revolutionize sustainability

Federations are crucial for making the world greener. They unite businesses, organizations, and individuals who share a commitment to making a difference.
Pilario is continuously expanding its partnerships working together with Federations, in order to help their members reduce their environmental footprint, communicate about it, and promote sustainability.

The Federations we already work with
Federec, fédération des entreprises du recyclage
federations partnership
Kennisinstituut Duurzame Verpakking Logo
Metal Packaging Europe Logo
Federation partnership
Federatie van de Betonindustrie (FEBE) Logo

Partnering for progress: uniting federations with easy sustainability

  • Gain Exposure to a Wider Audience

    Your federation will be featured on our website, social channels, and in our marketing materials plus you will be connected with businesses in 23 countries all across Europe.

  • Offer Your Members an Exclusive Deal

    When you partner with Pilario, you gain access to exclusive offers that you can share with your members, a fantastic opportunity to both attract new members and showcase your dedication to sustainability.

  • Receive a Free License to Our Software

    Gain free access to our software and tap into our team of experts for comprehensive support.

  • Sector-specific Category Rule Creation and Updates

    No longer worry about revising your PEFCR, Pilario ensures you’re always on the latest version. We also help with creating PEFCR models for depending on your industry.

  • Attend and Organize Webinars

    Explore the opportunity to attend, or even host, webinars. Share your knowledge and practical use cases with a global audience, helping us drive meaningful change.

  • Provide Feedback on Product and Features

    As an user of Pilario you get the opportunity to refine our software, add valuable features and ensure we achieve maximum impact, together.

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Our mission as Pilario is to inspire & empower companies using sustainability analyses and management as a cornerstone of their company’s business strategy & performance.
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