Get environmental insights in your aluminium production with custom LCA Analysis

Tailored for the aluminium industry, our LCA model enables comprehensive LCA analysis and substantial improvements in your environmental footprint.

Transform aluminium production with actionable, data-driven and sustainable insights, starting today.

LCA aluminium production

Analyze your environmental

Embrace sustainable transformation in aluminium production with Pilario’s LCA Model. Use our LCA software to simulate and refine production scenarios and instantly analyze the environmental improvements.

Address your most significant impacts efficiently, leveraging comprehensive data to guide your eco-friendly decisions in aluminium lifecycle management.

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Benefits for Aluminium Production with Pilario

  • Detailed Environmental Assessments

    Use a specialized LCA model to refine your aluminium production. Evaluate, monitor, and reduce key sustainability issues. Ensuring alignment with international ecological standards.

  • Instant, Actionable

    Transform environmental data into meaningful change rapidly. Gain in-depth insights at every lifecycle stage, empowering informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

  • Sustainability Benchmarking

    Elevate your aluminium production to new sustainable heights, setting industry norms and attaining superior environmental performance without requiring specialized LCA knowledge.

Core Features for Sustainability Excellence

  • Plug & Play

    Sign up for Pilario, pick your LCA aluminium model, add product data, and conduct LCAs, without extensive prior LCA knowledge.

  • Share Environmental Results

    Communicate your sustainability milestones effectively within and outside your organization. With automated LCA reports, in online or physical formats.

  • Innovative Ecodesign Solutions

    Use our feature-rich ecodesign solution, to craft and analyze greener aluminium production methods. Save different scenarios, benchmark and optimize for sustainability.

  • Aluminium-Specific LCA Data

    Dive into specialized LCA datasets tailored for aluminium production, providing insights for informed, eco-conscious decision-making.