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Our Top Features

  • Pilario LCA software automated LCA analysis

    Automate and Standardize LCAs

    Our software simplifies life cycle assessments. Expert-designed models ensure full regulatory compliance, including PEFs and PEFCRs, without expertise.

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  • pilario LCA software automate eco declarations

    Eco Contribution

    A single tool for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Manage eco declarations and reduce tariffs instantly.

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  • Pilario LCA Platorm - Communication

    Elevate End User Communication

    Instantly share your sustainability success with customers and stakeholders, reinforcing your commitment to the environment.

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Industries we’re empowering today

  • Textile

    The AGEC Law shakes up the French textile industry, our BPX Textile Tool helps your brand comply with new requirements. Calculate the environmental impact of your textiles today, displayed on your products tomorrow.

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  • Packaging

    Pilario helps your packaging company meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging and improve their environmental performance, which leads to increased sales and market share.

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  • Electronic Devices

    Quickly assess your electronic devices’ environmental footprint using Pilario’s ISO-compliant LCA software, aligning with global sustainability standards.

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  • Detergents

    Use Pilario’s LCA software to calculate the environmental impact of your detergents, in line with the PEFCR by A.I.S.E. This saves you time and money, and it will help you produce more environmentally friendly detergents.

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  • Breweries

    Transform your brewery with Pilario, the only LCA software enabling independent Beer PEFCR application. Streamline your process, cut costs, and champion sustainability in beer production—all without external support!

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  • Beverages

    Pilario’s PEFCR beverages help your company produce more sustainable beverages while meeting official guidelines, saving time and money.

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