NMWE and Pilario's PEFCR packaged water

17 June 2024

Compliant and Comparable: NMWE’s Data-Driven Success with Pilario

Natural Mineral Waters Europe (NMWE), the voice of more than 500 Europe’s leading natural mineral and spring water producers. To uphold its leadership and meet stringent environmental standards, NMWE joined forces with Pilario, transforming their way of collecting data and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) processes.

Here’s how Pilario has transformed NMWE’s operations:

The challenges

NMWE faced a twofold challenge: developing a unified LCA model compliant with the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) for packaged water, and aggregating member data anonymously to identify and communicate industry trends. Previously, NMWE collected this data every five years with a third party consultant, a process that was both time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Pilario’s dual approach 

The Pilario team provided NMWE with two key solutions: a fully compliant PEFCR Water model for all members and an advanced data collection feature within the platform.

Creation of the PEFCR Packaged Water model

Pilario relied on the 30 years experience of LCA experts of our sister company, RDC Environment to develop a PEFCR compliant model, eliminating the need for members to create individual LCA models. This saves both time and money. Continuously updated to meet the latest PEFCR standards, this model ensures consistent and compliant calculations and analyses. It also provides a unified methodology, enabling members to communicate and calculate product impact in the same way.

Data Collection Feature

With a newly introduced feature, NMWE can now aggregate data annually and anonymously from its members, instead of the previous five-year cycle. Members provide data on few key parameters, with automated reminders for timely submissions. This efficient system allows NMWE to communicate industry trends and gain critical insights independently.

Pilario's Data Collection Feature for NMWE

The Payoff: Efficiency, Compliance, and More

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: By using Pilario’s certified LCA model, NMWE’s members avoid creating individual models, allowing instant data input and result generation, thus saving time and money.
  • Guaranteed Compliance: The LCA model is PEFCR-compliant, avoiding compliance concerns and ensuring that NMWE’s members’ assessments always align with regulatory standards.
  • Enhanced Comparability: The unified LCA model facilitates straightforward evaluation and comparison of results among members, promoting informed decision-making and continuous improvement.
  • Annual Data Aggregation: NMWE now enjoys annual data collection, enhancing the frequency and quality of trend reporting, enabling proactive and informed sustainability initiatives.

Leading the Way: NMWE’s Sustainable Vision

Pilario has significantly enhanced NMWE’s sustainability strategy. Annual data aggregation and analysis provide timely, accurate insights into the sector’s environmental impact. With a consistent and compliant LCA model, NMWE’s members are better positioned to implement effective sustainability measures and drive continuous improvement. This collaborative effort strengthens NMWE’s leadership in environmental stewardship and sets a benchmark for the industry.

Discover how Pilario can revolutionize your sustainability efforts just like it did for NMWE. Book a casual meeting with our team to learn more about our solutions and how they can benefit your organization. Let’s take the next step towards a more sustainable and compliant future together.