Redefining sustainability in water production

Elevate your mineral water brand’s sustainability with Pilario’s PEFCR packaged water model, co-created with Natural Mineral Waters Europe (NMWE), enabling comprehensive environmental impact assessments at every production stage – from sourcing to distribution.

LCA Mineral Water

Elevate Sustainability with LCA Insights

Monitor, evaluate and reduce the environmental impact of your mineral water with Pilario’s PEFCR packaged water model.

Commit to a greener path by integrating sustainable practices into every facet of your bottled water production, enhancing your brand’s reputation and market value.

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Advantages of PEFCR packaged water

  • Deep Environmental Assessment

    Monitor, evaluate and reduce the environmental footprint throughout your product’s entire life cycle. Develop strategies to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Quick Actionable

    Identify and address key environmental hotspots in your mineral water production with our certified, compliant LCA model, delivering actionable insights for enhanced sustainability and efficiency.

  • Achieving Regulatory Compliance

    Ensure your bottled water production exceeds environmental regulations and standards with comprehensive LCA insights, fostering consumer trust and brand loyalty.

Key features

  • Plug & Play
    LCA Model

    Register with Pilario, choose our PEFCR packaged water Model, input your unique data, and start analyzing immediately. No prior LCA expertise required.

  • Ecodesign

    Utilize our LCA software to explore the most eco-friendly mineral water production techniques. Save various scenarios and compare them to start ecodesigning your product.

  • Automated

    Communicate your sustainability achievements to stakeholders with detailed automated reports generated from our LCA software, reinforcing your commitment to the planet.