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Why Pilario’s certified LCA models ?

  • Save time &

    Our ready-to-use LCA models let you perform life cycle assessments quickly and easily. No need for a large investment in creating your industry-specific LCA model.

  • Stay compliant &

    Don’t worry about whether your LCAs are compliant or up to date. We make sure your LCA models are compliant with industry and European standards, and are constantly updated.

  • Ecodesign &
    scenario saving

    Simplify your ecodesign process – test, compare, and save multiple eco-friendly scenarios. Compare options to align on sustainability and quality.

Select Ready-to-Use LCAs from our Library

  • lca tool

    LCA Packaging

    Optimize packaging design and compliance with Pilario’s LCA Packaging, ensuring sustainability and ISO/PEF standards compliance.

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  • lca tool

    BPX Textile

    Simplify your textile impact assessments with BPX Textile, compliant with AGEC standards for environmental excellence and design innovation.

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  • Sustainability in the brewing industry

    PEFCR Beer

    Enhance brewing sustainability with PEFCR Beer’s insights, supporting life cycle assessments in line with global sustainability standards.

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  • Detergents PEFCR

    PEFCR Detergents

    Improve detergent eco-efficiency with Pilario’s PEFCR Detergents model, enabling swift eco-design and verifiable green claims.

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  • LCA Mineral Water

    PEFCR Water

    Transform your mineral water production with Pilario’s PEFCR Water Model, ensuring compliance and ease of use. Leverage LCAs effortlessly with our user-friendly software.

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  • Carbon Footprint Model

    Carbon Footprint

    Empower your business with Pilario’s Carbon Footprint Model to measure, manage, and reduce scope 1,2 and 3 emissions effectively, driving sustainable business decisions.

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  • LCA personal care

    Personal Care

    Enhance personal care product sustainability with Pilario’s LCA analysis, integrating eco-design for health and environmental well-being.

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  • LCA soft drinks

    Soft Drink

    Refresh your beverage production with Pilario’s LCA model, promoting sustainable practices from sourcing to packaging.

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  • Sustainability in the electronic devices industry

    Electronic Devices

    Innovate electronics sustainability with Pilario’s LCA model, reducing environmental impact while maintaining technological advancement.

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  • LCA Lighting


    Illuminate sustainable practices in lighting production with Pilario’s customized LCA model, ensuring energy efficiency and environmental care.

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  • LCA pallet


    Optimize pallet production sustainability with Pilario’s LCA Pallets model, simplifying environmental impact assessments for efficiency and compliance.

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  • lca lenses


    Advance lens manufacturing with Pilario’s LCA insights, integrating eco-friendly practices into every aspect of your product lifecycle.

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  • LCA waste collection


    Rethink waste collection management practices with Pilario’s LCA model, enhancing operational sustainability and compliance, through a verified LCA model.

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  • LCA concrete


    Strengthen your concrete production’s environmental performance with Pilario’s dedicated LCA analysis, fostering sustainable development.

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  • LCA aluminium production


    Transform aluminium manufacturing with Pilario’s specialized LCA analysis, optimizing for sustainability and reduced environmental footprint.

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  • LCA hazardous waste


    Manage hazardous waste responsibly with Pilario’s comprehensive LCA model, ensuring safety and environmental insights.

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  • Who should use our environmental impact assessment software?

    For expert or non-expert companies that wish to evaluate the environmental impact of their products and services.

  • Which life cycle stages are included in our software?

    From the extraction of raw materials to the end of your product’s life, including the consumption of your factories, the kilometers covered by your products, or the packaging. Together we define the framework for your Life Cycle Assessment.

  • What types of products are covered?

    Our software covers a wide range of products: beer, bottled water, packaging, detergents, clothing, lighting, concrete products, eyeglass lenses, … And we have a tool development methodology that allows us to model many other products.

  • What do our tools produce?

    Our LCA tools calculate the environmental indicators of your choice, pre-filled reports, graphical results easy to communicate, the possibility to compare different scenarios studied, comparisons between factories or between suppliers, etc.

  • What to do with the results?

    With the results, you can analyze your production/logistics/sales chain, do eco-design, communicate internally and to your customers. We are at your disposal to help you analyze the results.

  • What can be customized?

    We offer specific services in order to customize with your calculation model, the default values, the format of the results, the addition of other functionalities.

  • Are our LCA models compliant with certain standards and benchmarks?

    Yes, especially to ISO 14040 and 14044 standards. What does this mean for you? The verification of your results focuses only on the data you enter, since the rest has already been certified to the standards. So it’s easier and faster! Do you want to comply with another standard? No problem: since the template was created by our environmental impact assessment experts, they can adapt the tool to your industry standard.

  • Can I communicate my results?

    The tool is compliant with ISO 14040 and 14044 standards. If the parameters of the tool are filled in correctly, the results obtained are also compliant. However, we recommend that our clients have the data they enter into the tool verified if they wish to communicate results to their own clients (B2B). This peer review can be done by various partners of ours. In the context of an official comparison with a competitor’s product, the 14044 standard requires a critical review by an external panel of experts. Pilario can organize this critical review through its network of experts to ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything.