Make smarter waste recycling choices with deep LCA analysis

Redefine sustainable waste management with Pilario’s LCA Recycling Waste model. Assess environmental impact, make data-driven decisions, ensure regulatory compliance, all without needing prior LCA knowledge.

LCA recycling waste model Pilario

Enhancing Waste Recycling Management

Our LCA Recycling Waste model provides a comprehensive LCA analysis for waste treatment and disposal, focusing on the entire recycling process from waste collection by truck to sorting, transporting to recycling facilities, and avoiding virgin production by removing the impact of producing one ton of a specific waste (e.g. PET).

Pilario empowers you to tackle waste challenges efficiently, reducing the environmental footprint of your recycling processes. Our goal is to facilitate a significant reduction in environmental impact through optimized recycling and waste management practices.

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Advantages of Pilario

  • Deep Environmental Assessment

    Utilize our models for an environmental assessment of waste recycling processes. Understand the impact of recycling waste, including stages like waste collection, sorting, transportation to recycling facilities, and the benefits of avoided virgin production. Identify areas for improvement to minimize environmental impact and optimize sustainability.

  • Instant Environmental Insights

    Quickly access in-depth analysis and actionable insights with our intuitive interface. Make informed decisions that align with your sustainability goals effortlessly, supported by data-driven insights on recycling processes and their impacts.

  • Pioneering

    Lead your industry with our advanced LCA models, driving sustainability through data-backed decisions and innovative waste management practices. Show how recycling different waste types, including mixed garbage waste, can reduce environmental footprints.

Features of Pilario

  • Plug & Play
    LCA Model

    Sign up for Pilario and gain instant access to our LCA Recycling Waste model from our extensive library. Start your sustainable waste management journey with ease, leveraging our scientific approach to understanding the impact of waste recycling.

  • Save Scenarios
    & Compare

    Utilize our model to explore and save multiple recycling scenarios. Compare results to find the most efficient and environmentally friendly waste processing options. See how different waste management strategies, including recycling and avoiding virgin production, influence your overall environmental impact.

  • Environmental Communication

    Our detailed LCA reports enable clear and transparent communication of your sustainability efforts to stakeholders. Enhance your corporate responsibility narrative by showcasing the technical and scientific basis of your waste management strategies, including the benefits of recycling waste.