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EcoScore by Pilario - showcase your environmental impact

Set Up Your Ecoscore Effortlessly

At Pilario, we understand that evaluating the impact of your products through 16 different indicators can be overwhelming. Our single result system simplifies this by providing a weighted and normalized output, making comparisons straightforward.

This is just the beginning. Our system also allows you to compare your products against reference products in your category. We utilize sources like the European Product Environment Footprint, French environmental labeling, and other reputable initiatives to ensure accurate benchmarks. Additionally, you can define your own reference product to tailor comparisons within your portfolio.

Our holistic and standardized approach ensures that all your products are evaluated consistently, helping you make informed decisions with ease.

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Benefits of Pilario’s Ecoscore

  • Comparable Results

    Achieve consistency and fairness with standardized scoring across your entire product range. Pilario’s ecoscore provides a reliable benchmark for accurate comparisons.

  • Easy Compliance

    Ensure your product’s environmental impact is measured using a certified compliant LCA model. Stay compliant with industry and regulatory standards effortlessly.

  • Set the Benchmark

    Lead your industry by setting the gold standard for environmental performance. Let others follow your example of sustainability and innovation.

  • Enhance Market Position

    Adopt Pilario’s EcoScore to boost your market position. Showcase your commitment to sustainability, attract eco-conscious customers, and strengthen your brand’s reputation.

How Pilario ecoscore works